Frequently asked questions
What is ?

CADCAM is an authorised service support Partner for Pytha India.

Is this Service support only for India ?

No, the service is as well available worldwide. Although if you are a customer of Pytha India you get a service contract for 1st year with the purchase of your Pytha License.

What is a service contract ?

A service contract is a support agreement between and registered Pytha India customers. For more detailed information on service contract, please contact us.

Do I need to buy a service contract to register on the website and access its contents. ?

No, you don't need to buy a service contract if you don't need. You can register and get access to the free contents on the website. Although with a valid contract you get access to premium library, Instant support, Premium textures etc.

I don't have Pytha, is it worth buying a contract ?

No, you don't need a contract. But because you are here, you do need 3D Cad Pytha System.

What benefits do I get from the service contract ?

With a service contract you get access to our premium content right on your screen. These contents are updated regularly and consist of hardware libraries, textures & training videos. Apart from this you also get access to our ticketing system, where your queries are resolved in 4 working hours.